Rainshadow RX7 Blanks

The RainShadow™ RX7™ series represents our most popular intermediate modulus blanks. RainShadow™ RX7™ series present many choices including two-piece multi-purpose blanks, crank bait, popping, and swimbait blanks. This rugged series of high performance blanks are true workhorses. Everyone from casual weekend anglers to the grittiest tournament professionals can rely on these day in and day out. RX7 Toray™ material is a phenomenal balance of strength, sensitivity, and lightweight feel. Starting with intermediate modulus, high-strain Toray™ fibers, we spice things up with our exclusive resin and scrim systems to create our finest all-purpose material.


Featured Highlights


RX7 Graphite Blend

Dynamic Modulus Positioning

Innovative Resin System

Massive Model Selection

Multipiece and Multipurpose Blanks

Technique Specific Designs

Light Weight

Subtle Matte Clear Finish

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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