Phenix Saltwater Blanks

Black Diamond – Blanks

A new generation of saltwater blanks has been born. Constructed with Toray’s high strength Carbon Fibers, the Black Diamond uses a unique layering process and a “secret sauce” resin. This combination of aerospace technology has allowed us to give birth to a new age in blank technology. The Black Diamond series has a thinner diameter and a lower weight, allowing it to be the lightest rod in its class. Keeping true to the Phenix Rod brand the Black Diamond series holds true to the premium quality design and components.


Key Features

  • Proprietary blend of High Modulus Graphite and High Strength Carbon Fiber
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Extremely strong


Megalodon – Blanks

The backbone in its design lays in the dynamic engineering, quality of its design, and only the best in composite material. Crafted with T12 and T40 technology, it provides the unique strength and lifting power to handle the strongest of tuna’s, amberjack’s, gt’s, and other brutes of the abyss. The Megalodon series – face the monsters of the abyss head on!


Key Features

  • High Modulus Ultra Graphite